Who is Jynxzi? Twitch streamer dethrones xQc and Kai Cenat to become most subscribed personality on platform

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On April 18, 2023, Twitch streamer Jynxzi became the most subscribed content creator on the platform. He successfully dethroned Twitch stars Felix “xQc,” Kai Cenat, and Hasan “HasanAbi” by amassing a whopping total of 75,976 active subscriptions.

Jynxzi is an American streamer who’s best known for playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, with over 6,130 hours of playtime. Furthermore, he has also played other popular multiplayer titles, including the NBA 2K Series, Fortnite, Among Us, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Grand Theft Auto 5.

The 21-year-old personality began his livestreaming career on Twitch back in 2019. After years of steady growth, Jynxzi’s popularity skyrocketed in January 2023, with his viewership peaking in the month of April. At the time of writing this article, the Twitch streamer boasts a total of 1,044,590 followers and averaged more than 8.5k viewers per stream.

Jynxzi was three hours into his livestream earlier today when he realized that he had become the number-one content creator on the Amazon-owned platform. He became emotional and addressed his community:

“Chat, I just… dude… I just hit number one on Twitch, bro! I… yo, this is like, I’m like, shaking, bro! Oh, my god, bro! Chat, we just hit number one on Twitch, bro. I just hit number one on Twitch, bro.”

“Chat, I’m about to tweet this right now. I’m about to tweet this s**t right the f**k now! Dude, oh my god, dude! We f**king did it, boys! Boys, we f**king did it!”

At that moment, the Twitch streamer decided to call his parents to tell them about his incredible achievement. After having a heartfelt conversation with his father, Jynxzi continued to celebrate the occasion:

“Holy s**t! Yo, that is f**king nuts. Oh, my god! This guy said, ‘Of course, I missed it.’ Bro, it kind of just happened! Yo, what the f**k, dude! Chat, I can’t even, like… bro. ‘Deserved.’ Thank you, bro! Bro, this has been… chat, this has been a grind.”

Jynxzi reflected on his meteoric rise and spoke about how he went from having one viewer for more than a year to becoming the most subscribed content creator on the popular platform:

“Like, day in and day out, bro. Day in, day f**king out! Never missing streams, dude. Started brick by brick, bro. Like, f**king one viewer for like a year, bro! Year and a half. Getting, you know what I mean… no type of like, no type of progress. And then it kind of started going. So I get five viewers. Six viewers. Seven viewers. And just never ever stopping, bro!”

The news of Jynxzi becoming Twitch’s top streamer was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here’s a snapshot of some pertinent reactions:

While Redditor u/kinglex1 lauded Jynxzi for becoming a top-ranking streamer without hosting a subathon event, another community member expressed delight at seeing new talent “popping off” within the sphere of livestreaming.

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